As Marketing to Children Intensifies, What Can Society Do?

This article in Solutions sums up not only the consequences of advertising to children, but also steps that readers and concerned parents can take to make a difference. It suggests educating teachers about the harmful effects that advertising can have while challenging the government to limit marketing presence in schools, and also mindful parenting as well. The article highlights the work that CCFC is doing in the struggle against corporate influence on childhood.

Congress to Kids: Drop Dead

Congress is requiring the Federal Trade Commission to conduct a cost/benefit analysis before finalizing a report that would provide the food industry with science-based, voluntary nutrition guidelines for marketing to children. The article includes an examination of how congress recurrently puts corporate interests ahead of children’s health.

The Activist’s Dilemma: Reform or Radical Change

Allen Kanner describes his personal dilemma of seeking social change either through radical action or incremental reform. He refers to how CFCC exposed Disney’s scam of marketing Baby Einstein videos as educational, but has to seek power from the government for stricter laws and regulations. Kanner believes that members of social movements need to examine whether adopting a radical stance or taking a reformist position would be more effective.


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