Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

Consuming Kids is a brand new and critically-acclaimed film from the Media Education Foundation featuring the CCFC staff and Steering Committee. The film is an eye-opening account of the pervasive and pernicious effects of children’s advertising on the health and well-being of kids.

CCFC members all over the country are organizing local screenings of Consuming Kids. A screening is the perfect way to raise awareness about the commercialization of childhood and to connect with other local parents and activists.

To purchase Consuming Kids at the special CCFC rate of $24.95, please click here.


Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood Trailer also available at




Host a Screening

  1. Find a venue. Many public libraries, universities, places of worship, community centers, and schools will gladly make space available for community film screenings. Or you can host a screening in your home. The film is 67 minutes so you'll want to reserve your venue for two hours to allow adequate time for discussion.
  2. List your screening on Brave New Theaters. Go to and select host a screening. Enter your screening details and list Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood under groups hosting. This will automatically create a webpage for your screening and allow people to RSVP online.
  3. Get the DVD. To purchase Consuming Kids at the special CCFC rate of 24.95, please visit
  4. Equipment. If your screening is at a public venue, you'll want to make sure that they have a DVD player or a computer that plays DVDs and projection and sound equipment. It is also helpful to have a table for handouts and email signup sheets. If the screening is at your house, you'll just need a DVD player, a television, and places for people to sit.
  5. Publicize your screening. Here are some suggestions for getting the word out.
    • Let your friends and family know. This is the perfect way to introduce them to the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.
    • Send an announcement to any relevant listservs. Be sure to include screening details and a link to your screening website on Brave New Theaters.
    • Send an announcement with a brief description of the film and screening details to your local newspaper. Most community newspapers will list local screenings for free. Somtimes newspapers will publish a more substantial piece, like this one from Worcester, MA, for example.
    • List the screening on the events section of Craig's List ( or other community websites.
    • Make a flyer. You can use this template and fill in the details for your screening or make your own. Hang it at local libraries, places of worship, etc.
    • We'll send an email out to local members of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood to let them know about your screening.
    • Invite local decision makers and the media. Let your board of education know about the screening. Call your Congressperson and local representatives and ask if they will send a staff member. Ask your local newspaper if they will send someone to cover your event.
    • Make copies of CCFC signup sheets and handouts (action steps, about CCFC). You may want to include additional handouts such as CCFC fact sheets or suggested reading.

Find a Screening

Step 1: Enter your zip code at for screenings near you. Don't forget to RSVP to secure your spot.

Step 2: Invite friends and family to RSVP and see the film with you.


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