The Grammie Guide—Activities and Answer for Grandparents Today


Lynne Noel, Jan Eby, Laurie Mobilio, and Cindy Summers

Publication Date: 

September 30, 2014

This thoughtful book by Lynne Noel, Jan Eby, Laurie Mobilio, and Cindy Summers—grandparents to a combined 22 kids—is an informative guide to grandparenting young children in our modern, screen-saturated world. The authors rightly recognize that grandparents have a special role to play in fostering the hands-on, creative play that children need to thrive.

The Grammie Guide is never preachy. Instead, the book makes the case for low-tech grandparenting by sharing the latest research on child developement and celebrating the joy of playing with your grandchildren. It’s jam-packed with more than 500 grandparent-friendly, free or low-cost, indoor and outdoor activities for kids 0-5, as well as tips for grandparenting from afar. It includes helpful reminders on ages and stages as well as suggestions and stories from each of the book’s four authors. Highly recommended for any grandparent not ready to cede their grandkids to the iPad just yet.


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