Ten Things You Can Do to Reclaim Childhood from Corporate Marketers

Here are ten things you can do to reclaim childhood from corporate marketers. Download the printable version of this list.

1. Carve out commercial-free time. Make creative and outdoor play the norm. Have family nights for games, projects and other fun.

2. Limit screen time. Pediatricians recommend: A. NO screen time for kids under two; B. Time limits for older kids; C. Keep bedrooms screen free

3. Reclaim your school. Work with friends and educators to limit (or eliminate) advertising in your community’s schools.

4. Call out the worst corporate offenders on social networks and blogs. Share commercial-free alternatives.

5. Learn More. Hold discussion groups, film viewings and book groups at your school, library or place of worship.

6. Speak up. Ask pediatricians and teachers to dump “branded bling” like Barbie bandages and Spider-Man stickers. Ask friends and family to skip electronics and character-based toys when giving gifts to your kids.

7. Choose commercial-free. Buy toys, food and clothing from companies that do not market directly to children. Avoid companies that do.

8. Work for local, state and federal legislation that protects children from unscrupulous marketing.

9. Celebrate Screen-Free Week. Turn off digital games, apps, television and videos for seven days. Turn on life! Visit screenfree.org.

10. Join the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. Help CCFC protect the rights of children to grow up — and the freedom for parents to raise them — without being undermined by commercial interests.



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