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Major corporations provide free curricula to schools to promote their products to captive audiences who cannot change the channel or click a new website. To stop this undermining of our educational system, we should ban advertising in schools, ensure that schools are fully funded, and/or screen school resources to ensure that they are educationally relevant, accurate, and complete.

Too Much and Too Many: How Commercialism and Screen Technology Combine to Rob Children of Creative Play

Hands-on creative play is essential to children's health and wellbeing; however, the dominant marketing-driven, media-saturated culture undermines it. Unlimited access to screens deprives children of time spent in creative play, and the set characters and scripts that children observe constrict their imagination. Children need to be provided with the time, space, and tools for make-believe.

Too Young To Be A Consumer: The Toll of Consumer Culture on the Rights of Childhood

The commercial culture that surrounds children today impacts what they like, how they treat each other, the ideas they have, what makes them happy, and even how likely they are to reach their full potential. Screen time and highly realistic, media-linked toys are depriving children of the creative play they need for their optimal development and wellbeing. Today, screen time takes away time from interacting and, thereby, learning how to interact with other children. CCFC’s Diane Levin explores ways to counteract the commercialization of childhood.