When parents do well, children do well

By: Katy Smith

My name is Katy Smith, and I am a licensed parent educator in Minnesota. My work is to create communities that support and nurture children in early childhood. Even though thousands of miles separate my classroom and CCFC’s office in Boston, I consider them a true partner in my work and am proud to be a supporter.

In 2011, I was honored to be named Minnesota Teacher of the Year – the first ever early childhood educator to receive the award. I still pinch myself sometimes that it was real (the photo on the right is me at the White House – I’m the one in the blue blazer and pearls behind President Obama!). One amazing thing about being a Teacher of the Year is that it allowed me a broader platform to talk about how to help parents feel confident and competent in their role, because I know that when parents do well, children do well

CCFC is a trusted source in my parenting education tool box. One of the first major decisions families make is what role technology will play in the life of their child. The parents in my classes know that we will celebrate Screen-Free Week every year. We take the opportunity, as a parenting community, to hit a reset button every spring and explore the relationship we have with our screens. It’s a challenging week to be sure, but it’s one we take seriously. And all year, we talk about screens and the impact they have on family life, growing brains, learning, self-regulation, and the relationships we all need to feel fully alive. 

When I lead parenting groups, my “opening question” is often related to CCFC. Most recently, we used CCFC’s campaign about the new internet-enabled Aristotle device to discuss privacy and how parents are navigating their child’s digital footprint. We had the opportunity to discuss Aristotle BEFORE it was available — making parents savvier consumers.

I am thoughtful about my donations, and have known and trusted CCFC for years. I appreciate everything they do to ensure that children are protected from a consumer-obsessed culture that does not always have kids’ best interests in mind. CCFC is a champion for a safe childhood in a space where we don’t often find champions. I hope you will join me as a donor to help them continue their important work by making a tax-deductible donation today. 

P.S. Remember that if we all help CCFC raise $25,000 by June 30, Board member John Mack will match it with a $25,000 donation. We’re halfway there – let’s do this!