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Reclaiming Childhood from Corporate Marketers

CCFC works for the rights of children to grow up—and the freedom for parents to raise them—without being undermined by commercial interests. We advocate for policies to protect children from harmful marketing and promote commercial-free time and space for kids. Learn more...

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Why Kids Need Commercial-Free

Why is advertising harmful to children? How do marketers target kids? Why is screen-free time essential to healthy development? How can we de-commercialize holiday celebrations and school book fairs? Find resources...

Take a Stand for Children

Our voices make a difference. Visit our Action Center to learn about CCFC’s current campaigns to stop the corporate takeover of childhood and how you can get involved. Take action!

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Support CCFC

Help us stand up to the world’s most powerful companies with your tax-deductible contribution. We rely on people like you because we will not compromise our commitment to children by accepting corporate funding. Make a gift.

Recent News

CCFC supports the California Broadband Privacy Act

On July 7, 2017, CCFC submitted comments in support of California AB375, the Broadband Privacy Act. This bill would replace privacy regulations rolled back by Congress at the national level earlier...

When parents do well, children do well

My name is Katy Smith, and I am a licensed parent educator in Minnesota. My work is to create communities that support and nurture children in early childhood. Even though thousands of miles separate...

How to End Food Marketing in Your Community's Schools

We’re excited to share with you some great new tools from ChangeLab Solutions to stop marketers from targeting kids in schools. We hope you’ll use them to encourage your school district to adopt...

Parent Resources

Hot off the presses: The Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy. This free resource will walk you through the process of protecting your child's sensitive school data from snoops, hackers, and marketers! 

Back by popular demand: Our Healthy Kids in a Digital Word brochure is packed with tips, facts, and screen-free activities. Click here to download your own copy, or order in bulk to use as a handout in libraries, preschools, and doctors’ offices. Available in English and Spanish! 

Plus, check out 7 Parent-Tested Tips to Unplug and Play, a real-world guide for reducing screen time and increasing play time!  

No AI for Babies

In July, Mattel will release Aristotle, a Wi-fi enabled “digital nanny.” They say the device will help parents nurture and teach their child from infancy to adolescence. We want parents to know what Mattel will be taking from them in exchange for this “help.”

Learn why experts say Artificial Intelligence doesn’t belong in young children’s bedrooms, and tell Mattel: put the well-being and privacy of children ahead of corporate profits, and don’t sell this device!