Here you'll find great resources on the commercialization of childhood, including:

ArticlesArticles by CCFC Steering Committee members and staff--a great primer on the commercialization of childhood from leading experts in the field.

Books - Books about the commercialization of childhood.

Fact Sheets - What’s the big deal about marketing to children?  Does media violence harm children?  What’s the link between food marketing and childhood obesity?  Should babies watch television?  What’s the link between childhood obesity, eating disorders, youth violence, sexualization, family stress, rampant materialism and the erosion of children’s creative play? Organized by topic, our fact sheets can be downloaded and shared with family, friends, and colleagues. 

Links - Online resources for reclaiming childhood from corporate marketing.

Reports - Reports related to the commercialization of childhood.

Tools - Advocacy tools to help you combat the commercialization of childhood.

Recommended Viewing - Videos related to the commercialization of childhood.