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Reclaiming Childhood from Corporate Marketers

CCFC educates the public about commercialism's impact on kids' wellbeing and advocates for the end of child-targeted marketing. Learn more...

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Why Kids Need Commercial-Free

Why is advertising harmful to children? How do marketers target kids? Why is screen-free time essential to healthy development? How can we de-commercialize holiday celebrations and school book fairs? Find resources...

Take a Stand for Children

Our voices make a difference. Visit our Action Center to learn about CCFC’s current campaigns to stop the corporate takeover of childhood and how you can get involved. Take action!

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Recent News

CCFC to TED2019: Don’t fund online preschool!

This week, CCFC learned that a TED initiative called The Audacious Project is planning to fund an expansion of an online preschool program called UPSTART. But as CCFC and our allies made clear last...

It's happening: a new bill will ban targeted marketing to kids online.

This is the year we'll stop marketers from tracking and targeting children online. Senators Ed Markey and Josh Hawley have just proposed the strongest restrictions on marketing to children in more...

Our plan to protect children’s privacy

In the wake of a series of explosive scandals, it's widely expected that Congress will pass new privacy legislation in the coming year. Big Tech lobbyists are flooding Washington to water down any...

Screen-Free Week

Screen-Free Week 2019 is coming! From April 29 to May 5, unplug from digital devices and rediscover the joy of life away from screens. Visit to find events near you, download free resources, and to register your own event. We hope you'll join the celebration!

Taking Action

Illegal data collection. Manipulating children into in-app purchases. Ads for gambling and alcohol. Modeling harmful behavior like cleaning your eyes with sharp objects. 

These are just some of the problems with apps in the Family section of the Google Play Store that we document in a complaint to the FTC.

Now we need you to put the pressure on Google to clean up its act. By adopting CCFC’s Kids’ App Store Standards – simple rules that require a human review of each app and ban in-app purchases, unfair advertising, and illegal data collection – Google can make parents’ lives easier, and kids’ experiences safer.

Tell Google: enough of the app store wild west – adopt the Kids App Store Standards now!