Imagine a world where kids can be kids

…free from interference from brands, marketers, and attention-hijacking devices. Imagine a world where children’s needs come before corporate profits. Imagine a commercial-free childhood.

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Tell Mark Zuckerberg: No Instagram for kids!

CCFC is leading a powerful international coalition of 100 experts, advocates, and organizations in calling on Facebook to abandon its plans to create an Instagram for children.

The many 10- to 12- year-olds already on the main Instagram platform are unlikely to migrate to a “babyish” version of the real thing. Instead, an Instagram for kids would draw in the millions of children without accounts, priming them to use the adult platform as soon as they turn 13.

Now more than ever, what children really need is time to play, learn, and socialize away from digital devices, not their own version of an app that is relentlessly focused on branding, appearance, and self-presentation. 

Read our letter to Mark Zuckerberg, then add your name to tell Facebook: no Instagram for kids!

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"Alexa, are you good for me?"

In the latest installment of our Safe, Secure, & Smart guides, we break down the impacts of internet-connected toys and smart speakers on preschoolers and address what to do if you’ve already got one in your home.

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