Imagine a world where kids can be kids

…free from interference from brands, marketers, and attention-hijacking devices. Imagine a world where children’s needs come before corporate profits. Imagine a commercial-free childhood.

Take action on EdTech

Remote learning doesn't have to be all Zoom and gloom!

In August, we published A Statement on EdTech and Education Policy during the Pandemic, signed by over 100 experts in education and technology, which called on schools to ensure that students get the offline time they need, no matter what learning looks like for them. Now, our latest resource provides educators, school officials, and advocates with the framework and the practical advice they need to make remote learning an offline success.

In “A Low-Tech Approach to Remote Learning,” we offer seven guidelines to help create meaningful educational experiences for students while limiting screen time during the remote school day. We also include tips for success and links to resources to make it easy for overworked educators to figure out what works best for students.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for guidance and inspiration as you manage remote classrooms, or a caregiver bringing these resources to your school administrators, we hope you’ll find this document helpful!

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