Our Best Year Yet


Josh Golin & Nathan Dungan

Dear Friend,

As our latest Annual Report shows, it’s an exciting time for those of us who believe that corporate profits should never come at the expense of children’s wellbeing.  Teachers are pushing back against intrusive educational technologies that profit off student data. Pundits and politicians are finally asking tough questions about Big Tech. Parents are helping one another navigate the challenges of (not) giving smartphones to pre-teens. And Silicon Valley executives are questioning whether the technologies they’ve unleashed are really good for children. 

You’ve helped make kids and commercialism a mainstream issue, and in this new climate, we’re more effective than ever. In just the past twelve months, CCFC has:

  • Exposed how one of the world’s most powerful companies illegally collects children’s sensitive data (p. 3). 
  • Launched a cross-disciplinary network of professionals who believe that reducing kids’ screen time is both necessary and possible (p. 6).
  • Stopped a major toymaker from interfering in family relationships and spying on children (p. 2).
  • Organized experts, advocates, and parents to say “no!” to the first major social network for young kids (p. 2). 
  • Convened the first-ever national conference dedicated to helping children and families unplug from ad-supported screens (p. 7). 

We’re challenging the myths that corporations make good caregivers and teachers, that saturating kids in commercialism is an inevitable facet of modern life, and that face-to-face peer and family relationships are a vestige of days past. We’re excited about the impact we’re having in Washington in state houses (p. 4), and we’re proud of the real changes CCFC members are making in their classrooms (p. 7), communities (pp 8 - 9), and homes (p. 10).

We owe all of our success to you, our passionate and committed supporters. As you reflect on all we’ve achieved together this year, we hope you’ll consider sharing our work with the people and organizations in your community who are dedicated to supporting kids’ wellbeing. As you’ll see in these pages, it takes collaboration, creativity, and strength in numbers to ensure that every child gets the commercial-free time and space they deserve.  

With gratitude,

Nathan Dungan, Board Chair
Josh Golin, Executive Director

See our full 2017 - 2018 Annual Report here.