Screen Time

One down, one to go!

Just five days after being cited in CCFC’s complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, Open Solutions stopped making educational claims about its apps for babies. The company eliminated all claims that their apps teach babies language, math, logic, and reading skills from their product promotions. As a result of Open Solutions' changes to their marketing, we’ve withdrawn our FTC complaint against them.

Your Favorite Screen-Free Week Moments

We asked Screen-Free Week 2013 participants for their favorite moments and insights. Here are some of our favorite responses. Add your favorite moment in the comments section!

"I saw my 9-year-old daughter laying on the floor, just day dreaming. I immediately thought, 'Oh no, she is bored, maybe she could'...then I stopped myself and just let her lay there...She wasn't bored, just deep in thought. We don't always have to be doing something!"
–Kim G., Ivins, UT


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